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Synonyms for repress

Synonyms for repress

to hold (something requiring an outlet) in check

Synonyms for repress

put down by force or intimidation

put out of one's consciousness

block the action of

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To enable the GM plants to reproduce amongst themselves, the researchers then inserted another artificial trait that represses the seed-lethal construct.
Eleven pages into the book and we have traversed critics, painters, writers, scientists, and we understand that we are being guided toward a way of construing Modernism in painting as optically defined, like the sight of the sea, which she is going to redefine ("my modernism") and then begin to dismantle from the direction of what Modernism represses ("the optical unconscious").
So "the problem of this book will be to show that the depths are there, to show that the graph's transparency is only seeming: that it masks what is beneath it, or to use a stronger term, represses it.
Although the mechanism by which zinc might fight cold symptoms isn't known, Chandrasekar suspects that the element represses the formation of cytokines.