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Synonyms for repressed

Synonyms for repressed

characterized by or showing the suppression of impulses or emotions


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The protest, which headed towards the 300 military checkpoint at the northern entrance of Bethlehem, central West Bnak, was violently repressed with intense amounts of teargas.
world, is what is referred to as a repressed memory, and can stand in
Ian Hislop's Stiff Upper Lip - An Emotional History of Britain (BBC2, Tuesday, 9pm) is a new three-part series in which the Private Eye editor and Have I Got News For You team captain investigates why we are such a repressed nation.
Perhaps Mojo would better serve its readers by not wasting its pages on fluff pieces about prison guards and their silly convention on how to further repress the most repressed Americans.
Not much has changed since then, except that the raging debate over repressed memory has moved from the therapist's couch to the highest court in Massachusetts.
A dive into the world of faith and repressed memories, "Growing Up Without the Goddess" is a fine and highly recommended read.
What Gray fails to mention, perhaps because she doesn't yet realize it, is that this someone ought to be a woman--preferably her brother's new wife (Bridget Moynahan), whose comely looks and tendency to watch TV while wearing an evening gown make her just the thing to uncork Gray's repressed sexuality.
As his friends depart one by one for college after their graduation, Charlie has a breakdown that requires hospitalization and forces him to face the repressed truth about someone he thought was a special friend.
Clancy's graduate studies of human memory and, in particular, of so-called repressed memories led her to the much-maligned topic of alien abduction and to a new understanding of the claimed abductees.
They use violence to compensate for these repressed inner doubts, to prove to themselves that they are authentic men.
A major new exhibition dedicated to the theme of urban phenomena and perceptions which have traditionally been ignored, repressed, or maligned.
Throughout 70 years of Soviet rule, the Armenian Orthodox Church was repressed and it is now "trying to rebuild," said Archbishop Hutchison in an interview, noting that the trip was completely sponsored by the Armenian church.
Whereas in her sculptures the Brazilian-born, London-based artist drew out the repressed violence of everyday objects like electric ceiling fans or mechanical toys, her works on paper are subtler, even whimsical.
The two articles that constitute this issues cover story thus restore to consciousness significant sagas repressed from that era.
Ever since traveling to South Africa, where I saw firsthand how much dance has served to free bodies and voices that were otherwise repressed, I realized that dance has amazing potential for transcendence.