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  • verb

Synonyms for repress

Synonyms for repress

to hold (something requiring an outlet) in check

Synonyms for repress

put down by force or intimidation

put out of one's consciousness

block the action of

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Individuals who tend to repress their feelings should be mindful that complaints of discrimination, and the attendant opportunity to mediate a conflict, are subject to regulatory time limits.
We learn to repress them because they are the antithesis of what it means to be masculine.
The first attempt to repress the movies was a humdinger by any standards.
A University of Oregon professor has for the first time identified a mechanism in the human brain that helps people repress memories.
Stephens marvelously teases out the double-bind witchcraft theorists found themselves in: aware that contact with demons was morally wrong, they nevertheless craved contact in order to reassure themselves that demons were real; insisting on the reality of demons, they also had to rigorously repress their own doubts.
Further-more, transfection results show that promoters containing one IRF-2 binding site activate tr anscription while those promoters with two IRF-2 binding sites repress transcription.
This included an assortment of measures designed to repress the movement's foreign operations as well as domestic activities.
According to Boker, all three authors, in response to real emotional losses, "mastered a stylistic technique that functions defensively to repress the male adolescent's grief from loss, emotional deprivation, and disillusionment in the heroic paternal ideal.
Increased harvests of mountain pine beetle wood from British Columbia and added fiber from hurricane affected areas in the United States will combine with a softer demand for lumber to repress log prices in certain regions.
Reputation Management Agency JW Maxx Solutions is one of the top managers in the industry with the most innovative and effective techniques, which is why this agency is now providing solutions to control and repress Internet defamation.
Entitled "The Persecution of the Christian Churches," the installment outlined the Nazi plan to repress and ultimately abolish Christianity in order to establish a national religion devoted to the Reich.
I never forgot this memory, nor did I repress it," she told a colleague years later, "and even though it affected me deeply, I chose to leave it in my past.
I just don't see why we're taught to be embarrassed or ashamed of our sexuality, or to take these parts of ourselves that are so human and so healthy and repress them.
He also explores how people forget things and sometimes repress memories.