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(used especially of art) depicting objects, figures,or scenes as seen

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The Italian city was the epicentre of the atelier-method of art, where you learn the technical side of drawing: the core skill for all serious representational artists.
Whether they are representational is determined by the role they play in larger organismic and environmental contexts; it is typically the organism in which the mechanism is embedded that has interests and goals, and these are determined in part by the nature of its environmental niche.
With thoughts of returning to representational painting, he began to search the city for inspirational subject matter.
It's such a mouthful that whenever anyone discusses the representational side they refer to it by anything but its expensively-appointed title.
while the other leaves room for de re attitudes lacking such elements in their representational contents.
Many sections read like a catalogue of representational modes, the broader significance of which becomes clear only in a sentence or two at the end.
Species-independent detection of RNA virus by representational difference analysis using non-ribosomal hexanucleotides for reverse transcription.
The curators serendipitously discovered artworks that hinted of traditional, representational Gardens but found new inspiration in Walpole's ideas of modernism and naturalism.
These works tend to be representational, symbolic and metaphorical.
Objectors will be charged only for expenditures related to representational activities.
The boards are intended to be skills-based and not necessarily representational of a specific stakeholder group or geographic area.
He introduces the concept of representational spaces to describe generic theories such as the corpuscular theory and the wave theory of light, as a substitute for Kuhn's concept of paradigm, which he finds rather vague and subjective.
This representational idiom rebuts the happy world of network connectivity envisioned by Microsoft or Google with a pestilential mess in which pictures engulf the viewer like sludge.
In science there is a primary type of representational diagram, engineered to clarify, symbolise and signify function.
The first part of this commandment seems clear: we shouldn't make any sort of representational images, including most drawings, paintings, sculpture, photography, and film.
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