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expressible in symbolic form

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One easily checks that [beta] is a representable number and that the roots of the polynomial are given by the expansion
Computing, computer and other equipment technology and software equipment and products to be delivered and installed in whole or in part, for the development progress of the representable and entering service the Marine Traffic Control System, install and / or put into operation.
By the time of the novel's writing, abused children had already been introduced to literature as a discernible representable collective, most notably in the context of hardboiled fiction.
The author argues, contra Nagel, that questions about the intelligibility of locating consciousness in the objectively representable world should be asked relative to the kinds of objectivity provided for by our spatial thought.
Networks are exactly the representation of these collective items as a set of relationships, connections or paths (graphically representable by edges) and nodes (vertices).
I see that as a basic thing in art--representing the unknown, or representing what is not representable.
Este nuevo ciudadano cruzado por la enfermedad, es asocial porque esta desprovisto de una identidad representable, es irrelevante para la sociedad civil pero sin embargo la asedia a traves del contagio que se manifiesta en modos perversos de participacion, integracion, solidaridad y consentimiento que desafian las interacciones que supone lo normal.
It is well-known that, given a set A of alternatives, a pre-order on it is representable if it exists a utility function u: A [right arrow] R such that [A.
He questions whether some things just aren't representable, discusses how the Internet functions as a form of social connectedness, and concludes that "we are all gold farmers now.
These concepts meet at the result that being special is dual to being universal: No connective universally representable in a logic is special in that logic.
The imagery of an PC are not figures or forms, or concepts, they are based on the conditions and common guidelines as practicable and representable for its actors.
Besides the pontifical sources noted above, this is by no means a complete bibliography exposing the heresies in his works, but it is a representable one:
A quasi-arithmetic matroid endows a matroid with a multiplicity function, whose values (in the representable case) are the cardinalities of certain finite abelian groups, namely, the torsion parts of the quotients of an ambient lattice [Z.
A semilattice-ordered semigroup (A, x, [cross product]) is said to be representable with binary relations if there is a set B and an injective homomorphism f:(A, x, [cross product]) [right arrow] (Rel(B), [omicron], [union]).
2](-[infinity], [infinity]) representable through its Fourier transform F[f] as