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In Dante's Tenzone with Forese Donati: The Reprehension of Vice, Fabian Alfie explores, through close reading, the historical and literary importance of Dante's agonistic exchange of vituperative sonnets with Forese Donati.
Bendtner also faced reprehension from the Danish Football Association on Thursday for contravening team policy.
To descant upon the wrongs of the slave-system, and yet exonerate supporters of it from reprehension, is to deal in absurdities: we might preach in this manner until the crack of doom, and never gain a convert.
In an addition to his New Science concerning the reprehension of the metaphysics of Descartes, Spinoza, and Locke, Vico criticizes modern metaphysics as it develops from Descartes, on the basis that supposition cannot provide a true starting point for a knowledge of being and that certainty alone is insufficient as a standard for knowledge.
Versed in classical concepts of irony as defined by Aristotle, Plato, Cicero, and Quintilian, as well as in discussions of Homeric irony found in Greek and Byzantine rhetorical works, Chapman understands irony as concealed blame, a mode of reprehension that complements but also diverges from the blunter, and thus more easily identifiable, rebukes offered up by the scoptic speaker.
zoning benefits through a piecemeal zoning decision, reprehension about
Y porque tengo enten dido el comun gusto de los hombres, que les aplaze mas leer cosas del donaire: coplas, chanconetas y sonetos de plazer, antes que oir cosas graves, principalmente si son hechas en reprehension, porque a ninguno aplaze que en sus flaquezas le digan la verdad, por tanto, procure darles manera de doctrinal abscondida y solapada debajo de facicias, fabulas, novelas y donaires, en los cuales, tomando sabor para leer, vengan a aprovecharse de aquello que quiere mi intincion.
Later commentaries printed in France or written by Frenchmen include the Meditationes in librum primum Iliados (1566) by Nicolaus Girardus, the Apologeme pour le grand Homere, contre la reprehension du divin Platon sur aucuns passages d'iceluy (Lyon, 1577) by Guillaume Paquelin, and Jean de Sponde's (1557-95) precocious commentary on the works of Homer (Basel, 1583).
Are expressions of animus toward a particular group, or moral reprehension of prohibited conduct, legitimate state interests?
Even the most just war needs to be approached with disdain and reprehension.
Still, the adamant reprehension of the Dominican dialect is at odds with the observed vitality of Dominican Spanish in New York.
10) The eleven-year-old Elizabeth asks Katherine to keep the volume private, at least until its faults have been corrected: "But I hope that after having been in Your Grace's hands there shall be nothing in it worthy of reprehension and that in the meanwhile no other (but your highness only) shall read it or see it, lest my faults be known of many" (112).
Doby went through much the same kind of discrimination and abuse that Robinson suffered - not being allowed to stay in the same hotels and eat in the same restaurants as the white players, hearing the racial insults of fans and opposing bench jockeys, experiencing the reprehension of some teammates.