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Synonyms for reprehend

to feel or express strong disapproval of

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express strong disapproval of

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Guido sees Malacoda' s action as symbolically indicating how barraters should be reprehended.
This explains why in African culture bad behavior is usually censured or reprehended while good deeds receive social approbation or approval.
The false transcendent is where the philosophers' God was exiled, reprehended by Pascal, the God-Idea, whose truth does not signify, absent from signs and works.
186) Nowak has referred to these grounds as based on 'especially reprehended personal criteria': Manfred Nowak, UN Covenant on Civil and Political Rights: CCPR Commentary (N P Engel, 1993) 474 (emphasis in original).
We created a 14-item Likert-type survey designed to determine teachers' comfort level with the inclusion of evolution in Florida's science standards; their general attitudes and beliefs about evolution; and the extent to which teachers are criticized, censured, disparaged, or reprehended for their beliefs about the teaching of evolution.
Vergil asks the epic question about divine wrath because gods should not be angry without reason nor seek revenge beyond moderation, lest what is displeasing among humans be more gravely reprehended among the gods.
State newspapers and television stations reprehended Stoner for his crude racial demagoguery, but recognized his constitutional right to freedom of expression.
Along with the action of the play, the dramatists imbibed many of the attitudes of the novella, as stated in its subtitle: 'Wherein is declared the power of Love, and their cruilty justly reprehended, who imagine to make the vigour thereof cease, by abusing or killing one of the Lovers'.
In this play, we learn how a clever young girl succeeds in marrying the man she wants through numerous games, such as pretending to marry his father and marry the young man off to her own mother; how she circumvents her curfew and domestic isolation through various tricks in order to get in contact with the beloved; how young people steal off to the Prado to meet lovers; and how they provoke each other's jealousy by dressing up as persons of the other sex--all without any obvious moral perspective, although the Arte nuevo pondered the didactic aspect of ancient comedy ("With attic elegance the Athenians / reprehended vices and customs / in their comedies").
Second, several states--mostly in Western Europe--enacted universal jurisdiction laws that empower national courts to investigate and prosecute universally reprehended crimes--genocide, crimes against humanity, torture, grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions--even if there is no connection to one's territory or one's nationals.
A lie is "privileged" where it is commonly excused, granted that lying in general is reprehended.
31) Wholeheartedly embracing the embodied intuition that was spasmodism, Barrett Browning converted its transcendental alienation into the force for political change which Dobell had ineffectually desired and Aytoun effectually reprehended.
Robert Weimann in his discussion of the clash between internal and external positions of authority quotes Richard Bancroft's Sermon Preached at Paul's Cross (1588), which argued that "if authoritie and libertie of judging shall be left to private men, there will never be any certantie set dowse, but rather all religion will become doubtful" (81), as epitomizing the problem of the individual and authority the OED lists no citations earlier than 1613 for this reprehended sense of individual, but the concept, "private men," is clearly already in place; indeed, the words "person "and "personal" are also beginning to gather their modern meanings during this period.
And by what cognitive dissonance can geopolitical lying be reprehended when broadcast from Rome, but hailed as a moral triumph when broadcast from Boston?
And it was in Schwabing that Schuler came up with the swastika as a favorite emblem, and ranted on about the perfidy of the Molochites, a term he coined for Jews and others he reprehended.