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  • verb

Synonyms for repossess

to get back

to occupy or take again

Synonyms for repossess

claim back

regain possession of something


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In its brief, Wells Fargo lawyers said a secured creditor's right to repossess its collateral when a debtor defaults "is long-standing and widely recognized in Oregon.
The victim had connected the vehicle to the tow truck when he was approached by Peters and Torres, who screamed at him not to repossess their car, Ullman said.
Assuming all the above risks are satisfactorily addressed, is it even logistically feasible to repossess, transport and dispose of large inventories under a catastrophic dealer default scenario?
Mr Scott added: "We were left with little choice but to repossess and clear it after Mr McElvogue built up more than six months' arrears and failed to get in touch with us.
Helen Goodsall, from AA Car Data Check, said: "In the worst scenario, the finance company can simply repossess the car, and the buyer may have no comeback at all.
And they may find lenders quicker to repossess homes - to take advantage of rising house prices.
Summary: The Government has announced plans to close a legal loophole which enables lenders to repossess people's homes without going to court.
When they didn't, Ford Credit decided to repossess the car.
But it also called for the FSA to clamp down on irresponsible lenders who advance unaffordable mortgages to consumers and are quick to repossess their properties when they get into arrears.