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Synonyms for reposition

depositing in a warehouse

change place or direction

place into another position

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Or the opportunity exists to reposition and re-tenant the building as a boutique office building with high-end ground floor retail," said Anton.
We continue to reposition, but have reduced the number
Instead, doctors cut through the outer wall of the eye to gain access to the retina, which they can then detach and reposition without cutting.
Strategic repositioning--The keystone of really profitable turnaround investing is for a manager to reposition the company strategically in its markets and turn it into a strong competitor.
The only means remaining for reducing pressure for residents at risk is for the direct-care staff to reposition the resident every two hours.
Those who are able and unable to reposition themselves will be identified during nighttime monitoring.
Like Tau, many have expertise in a particular mechanism of action with special insight into how best to reposition drugs.
Our needs were not just replacement financing but also financing to help reposition the assets, which includes basic building improvements, tenant improvements and leasing commissions.
A number of vessels will leave the Mediterranean and Europe this fall to reposition in the sunny waters of the Caribbean and South America.
The 404-room hotel, which was previously operated as the OHANA Waikiki Surf, is in the final stages of an extensive renovation to reposition the property into an upscale hotel.