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a person's body weight (as an athlete's) at the beginning of the season (when first reporting for practice)

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The 235-pound reporting weight is Horry's highest since he entered camp with Houston at 225 a few years ago.
Interestingly, given its short length, the study's authors themselves admit that the diets produced positive effects in those that showed relatively high adherence to the Type A, Type AB, and Type O diets, reporting weight loss and favorable levels of cardo-metabolic disease risk factors.
There were certain occupations that had a higher incidence of workers reporting weight gain, often tied to more sedentary or high stress positions.
Almost half of the parents underestimated their child's weight, and errors in reporting weight tended to be larger for girls and increase with age.
Bulging nets have also been reported at Whittle Dene this week with most anglers reporting weights well into double figures made up of roach, perch, dace and gudgeon.