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Synonyms for reporter



Synonyms for reporter

a person who investigates and reports or edits news stories

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The attacker assaulted the reporter from rear, while the reporter was about to enter his residence, ultimately being saved by reporters associates, who came to his rescue after hearing his calls for help.
About The Hollywood Reporter The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard comprise the Entertainment Group of Guggenheim Media.
ACCORDING TO THE SECOND National Survey of Higher Education Media, conducted in 2005 by the Education Writers Association, several roadblocks prevent reporters and editors from effectively covering higher ed.
The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press enthusiastically endorsed the opinion.
The reporter said a madam (unnamed) told him she had brought 70 hookers to meet the Michigan Boys.
Michelle Tafoya, the ABC ``Monday Night Football'' sideline reporter, said when asked on a national conference call Wednesday about this incident that she'd hope that just like all major-league pitchers wouldn't be judged based on Lowe's actions, all female reporters shouldn't be judged by what Hughes did.
No one even wants to make the connection between this fake reporter and the Administration's other attempts to distort the news through video press releases disguised as news stories and payoffs to Bush-friendly columnists.
CLR publises seven other law reporters, including Computer Law Reporter, Internet Law and Business and Chemical Waste Litigation Reporter.
This statement is followed by a list of authorized spokespersons and instructions on what to do when a reporter calls; how to handle sensitive or controversial matters; litigation, personnel and election issues; general or routine news; public safety; and crisis or emergency situations.
Outside the pundit class, it remains true that reporters and editors remain predominantly liberal.
A court reporter shall not be expected to write at a speed that would keep pace at the Indianapolis 500.
You will do your facility and the consumer a great service by working with a reporter to make him or her aware of the subjectivity of the QMs and the areas of strength of your nursing home.
In an April story, the Reporter quoted independent experts and staff of the private agencies charging that the program is under-funded and understaffed.
Stable transfectants harboring a reporter construct with an AP-1 response element, serum-response element (SRE), or NF[kappa]B response element were established.