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Synonyms for reporter



Synonyms for reporter

a person who investigates and reports or edits news stories

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The attacker assaulted the reporter from rear, while the reporter was about to enter his residence, ultimately being saved by reporters associates, who came to his rescue after hearing his calls for help.
In an effort to meet this challenge, the Reporter will explore a range of new ventures to generate contributed and earned revenue from new sources.
Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit back in November 2005, the Reporters Committee joined with Matthew Lee and his attorney, David Vladeck of the Georgetown University Law Center, in asking the court to declare Delaware's state Freedom of Information law unconstitutional based on its discriminatory provisions against anyone residing outside of the state.
So one very loud local TV reporter stands on both sides of an issue that could decide how much the federal government will butt into broadcast news.
Much of the story's coverage in The New York Times came from columnists Maureen Dowd and Frank Rich; and when the Los Angeles Times finally caught up, reporter Johanna Neuman pooh-poohed the whole thing as a nonstory--attributing the flap to "gay activists" indulging in "bloglust"--for revealing that the so-called reporter was really just an ordinary whore.
This statement is followed by a list of authorized spokespersons and instructions on what to do when a reporter calls; how to handle sensitive or controversial matters; litigation, personnel and election issues; general or routine news; public safety; and crisis or emergency situations.
Outside the pundit class, it remains true that reporters and editors remain predominantly liberal.
A court reporter shall not be expected to write at a speed that would keep pace at the Indianapolis 500.
You will do your facility and the consumer a great service by working with a reporter to make him or her aware of the subjectivity of the QMs and the areas of strength of your nursing home.
To determine if there is an activation threshold for promoter-induced transformation and to determine how much activation of transformation-relevant transcription factors is required, we established stable reporter clones.
Foster cites an extreme instance of being available--as well as a very quick study--when a desperate reporter with a cancellation needed a source to answer questions on a program that would air in 15 minutes.
A newspaper publisher and a reporter brought a [section] 1983 suit against county officials, alleging First Amendment violations by refusing the reporter access to the jail in retaliation for a previously-published negative newspaper story.
Few newsrooms in the country have more than one environmental reporter on staff--if that.