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Synonyms for reportage

the reporting of news


Synonyms for reportage

the news as presented by reporters for newspapers or radio or television

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The book features outstanding portraits by photographer Anja Jahn and captivating reportage by author Rita Henss that arose during their joint visits to people's homes, kitchens and workplaces.
The rallies are also featured in the reportage of Arte TV,
Decrivant la "misere" quotidienne, qui prevaut dans les camps de Tindouf, Vivian Salama, auteure de ce reportage, affirme "qu'une nouvelle generation est en train d'arriver a sa majorite en nourrissant des sentiments de frustrations a cause de la perpetuation du conflit du Sahara", en soulignant que la rupture est totalement consommee entre cette jeunesse, qui constitue une grande majorite des populations de Tindouf, et les chefs des separatistes.
It's basically made up of academic courses in visual storytelling; it's an alternative means of education in photojournalism," said Abdallah about The Reportage Project.
Before his demise, Vu Trong Phung managed to produce a remarkable body of work that included "at least eight novels, seven plays, five booklength works of non-fiction reportage, several dozen short stories, articles and editorials" (Zinoman 2002, cited by Malarney, p.
The reportage praised the role of the Kuwaiti embassy in Sarajevo in enhancing the ties with Bosnia and Herzegovina, and mentioned the various aspects of cultural cooperation between the two nations, especially those organized by The Foundation of Abdulaziz Saud Al-Babtain's Prize for Poetic Creativity.
Dilovan Barwary is one of the founders of the Iraqi Gathering for Investigative Journalism, comprising several journalists, specialized in investigative writing, whose reportage had scored a number of local and international prizes, that won a great attention.
Mr Shields said: "We have very regular reportage quoting an unnamed senior detective and this is being used by An Garda Siochana to delay the inquest.
He also discussed how to utilize and extract statistical data from their sources, organizing them, impact of the extracted data on the report outcome and information management besides giving a briefing on how to design and carry out surveys, questionnaire and reportage to acquire data.
It's a mix of reportage, stand-up comedy and travelogue.
The Rouleur Photographic Exhibition 2008 provides a stunning reportage showing the daily life of professional cycling through landscapes, portraits, incidental details and captured moments.
They tested out and started to get addicted to the high resolution photo uploads, video features, and tools for sharing their lives built into the Multimedia Reportage function.
The winner of the Lettre Ulysses Award for the art of reportage has been announced as Linda Grant.
In relating the details of the Ocoee riot, Patterson informs us that she uses both Hurston's account and that of Walter White, who was there in 1920--but the confusion between these two accounts--18 years apart--leaves the reader with the erroneous impression that Hurston's reportage was original and on-the-scene.
Bush's harsh criticisms of the New York Times and other media outlets over their reportage of covert and potentially illegal spying programs underscores once again the degree to which a major crack has appeared in the U.