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(of income) required by law to be reported


meriting report

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Federal regulations require facilities to immediately notify the National Response Center, the state emergency response commission, and the local emergency planning committee of any area likely to be affected by the release as soon as the owner or operator of a facility has knowledge of a release of a hazardous substance in a quantity equal to or above its reportable quantity.
A railroad's reportable injury rate is the total number of injuries reportable to the Federal Railroad Administration per 200,000 worker hours, which is equivalent to 100 employees working a full year.
Figure 1 provides a pie chart of all 417 nationwide reportable incidents that result ed from gas leaks (unintentional release of natural gas) since 2010.
Number of voting rights (direct): N/A - below reportable threshold
The local health department must investigate these reportable diseases and outbreaks and implement control measures to prevent further spread.
The anticipated decrease in 1H FY13 reportable NPAT is primarily due to a $20 million (pre-tax) Convertible Note accounting adjustment to the income statement.
6707A imposes a penalty for failing to report on any return or statement any reportable transaction (a transaction the IRS determines has a potential for tax avoidance or evasion, including listed transactions).
member of the public, is injured at a workplace and is taken to hospital the event is reportable (regardless of the length of admittance to hospital).
htm permits companies in which a specific reportable food is located in multiple facilities, e.
The registry report, which requires a number of specified data elements, must be submitted by the food facility within 24 hours of the determination that an article of food is a reportable food.
This so-called "management approach" is so strictly interpreted under IFRS 8 that the amounts of each reportable operating segment item must be the same measure reported to the chief operating decision maker for the purposes of allocating resources to the segment and assessing its performance.
Normally the amount of a bonus given in connection with opening or maintaining an account is considered reportable interest to the IRS.
Commendation: Notice 2006-6 Elimination of Book-Tax Difference Category of Reportable Transactions
3, 2004, on tax underpayments resulting from listed transactions or undisclosed reportable transactions.
We advocate resuming blastomycosis as a reportable disease in Ontario to facilitate tracking cases.
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