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repair the joints of bricks

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Repoint introduces the concept of using several actuators to operate the same points, meaning that in the event of a single failure the remaining actuators can continue to function safely.
Repoint also applies a unique lift, hop and drop mechanism that eliminates the friction experienced by the slide chairs used in traditional point machines, resulting in faster operation moving a switch in under half a second compared to four seconds for conventional designs.
The development of Repoint originates from a request by the industrys independent body, the Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB), to explore ways to increase network capacity.
This was the impetus for Loughborough Universitys Control Systems Group to research new approaches to operating switch machines, which led to the initial development of the Repoint system.
Ricardo Rail has assembled a consortium including Progress Rail, DEG Signal and MPEC Technology and will now assist with the next stage of design, build and trial of a Repoint switch.