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with cost of reply prepaid by sender

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COMPLETING the reply-paid card in the registration pack.
Furthermore, it has been suggested, by the direct-mail lobby in the United Kingdom, that there are differences in attitude toward and perception of different reply vehicles which results in many consumers regarding a reply-paid envelope or coupon as more professional than the use of a toll-free phone number.
The study package distributed to individual educators included information about the survey, participation and confidentiality, along with the survey form and a reply-paid envelope.
All tenants received ballot papers and a reply-paid envelope last month which must be returned to the ERBS by midday on December 15.
Those who then wish to find out more about Motability can request a free information pack by using a reply-paid postcard, freephone telephone number (0800 093 1000) or online at www.
A spokesman said: "For the first time, we gave out reply-paid envelopes.
More than 400 reply-paid postcards have now been returned to the council, with 50 per cent favouring an elected mayor and 25 per cent opting for the status quo.
I sent back the reply-paid card indicating that l and my principals would prefer to deal in and quote prices in a strong currency such as sterling.
The referendum forms will come with reply-paid envelopes from the ballot HQ and must be returned by May 22.
The survey, along with a reply-paid envelope, will be posted out early next month to a random sample of five percent of NZNO's 41,500 members.
An ONS spokesman said: "For the first time in the 2001 census we gave people reply-paid envelopes in which to post back census forms.
A total of 3,970,712 forms will be sent out, with reply-paid envelopes, starting next week.
IN THE past month I've been deluged by junk mail, so I write a rude word on the form, and return it in their reply-paid envelope.
They also advise people to spuriously apply for Bank of Scotland services using their reply-paid cards.