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Synonyms for senescence

Synonyms for senescence

the organic process of growing older and showing the effects of increasing age

the property characteristic of old age


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In fact, the TL in acrolein-treated cells at 30 PD was similar to that in control cells at 46 PD, when normal replicative senescence occurred.
This special aspect of cellular senescence is known as replicative senescence.
Replicative senescence of T cells: does the Hayflick Limit lead to immune exhaustion?
However, to date there is no evidence that replicative senescence plays a physiologically significant role in normal aging or age-related disorders.
However, during chronic HIV-1 infection, CD8+ T-cells exhaust their ability to up-regulate telomerase, leading to critically short telomeres and other changes associated with replicative senescence (cellular aging), reducing their antiviral activity.
Alterations of proteasome function have been recorded in various biological phenomena including ageing and replicative senescence.
As HIV disease progresses, certain immune cells called CD8 cytotoxic T-cells undergo accelerated replicative senescence (cellular aging) and lose their ability to proliferate and kill HIV-infected CD4 T-cells.