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Synonyms for replication

Synonyms for replication

the act of making copies

(genetics) the process whereby DNA makes a copy of itself before cell division

a quick reply to a question or remark (especially a witty or critical one)

(law) a pleading made by a plaintiff in reply to the defendant's plea or answer

the repetition of a sound resulting from reflection of the sound waves

copy that is not the original

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the repetition of an experiment in order to test the validity of its conclusion

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Replication applications are either offered as part of the storage management application or as stand-alone applications.
We provide evidence that H5N1 viral replication is not confined to the respiratory tract but may also occur in the gastrointestinal tract.
In this regard, substantial advances, with practical implications in my view, have emerged from 3 general areas: 1) more details of HIV replication and of cellular factors that work against HIV, 2) greater understanding of HIV pathogenesis, including people who resist HIV infection, and 3) a realization that we can target not only viral but also cellular factors needed by the virus.
SharePlex is available as a stand-alone replication solution or within the SharePack bundle.
The beta testing of new Replication Agents for IMS and VSAM, which allow organizations to replicate information from these key mainframe data sources in order to place that information where it can be most effectively employed by business users.
This decision, he says, arose from the fact that such solvents speed reactions and allow the general principles of replication to be observed more readily.
Oracle has offered basic replication capabilities, similar to what other vendors are just now offering today, for over three years," said Gordon Smith, director of Replication and Distributed Systems at Oracle.
Zetera's innovative approach to storage technology is a great match with Double-Take Software solutions and promises to enable wide spread adoption of remote replication.
Real-time asynchronous replication can scale to support one-to-many (data distribution) and many-to-one (data consolidation) configurations, but support for remote offices is still problematic due to the 'always on' nature of real-time replication, which consumes network resources on a constant basis.
Next-Generation Replication Server Software Goes Beyond Data Movement to
Multi-Site Replication Software Reduces the Complexity of Managing Real-Time Content Distribution and Disaster Recovery For Heterogeneous Storage Environments
It is crucial to choose a storage infrastructure solution that delivers a remote replication service providing automated off-site data protection.
New Replication Agent Supports Both E-mail and Direct Network-Based
SteelEye Brings High Availability For 64bit Windows, Exchange 2007, Microsoft Virtual Server; Industry's Fastest WAN Replication Offering
To address this need, CDP can be supplemented either by replication or by traditional backup with off-site tape protection.