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plant again or anew

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14,15,18-20) In the words of the early replant pioneer, Chen Chun-Wei, "Survival without restoration of function is not success.
Over the long term, breeding of rootstocks that broadly resist or tolerate soilborne pathogens and development of cultural practices that effectively remediate replant problems may remove dependence on soil fumigation.
The CLPs also serve other important functions, including enabling the Pseudomonas to move about and form protective biofilms--both of which may contribute to the bacteria's usefulness as biological control agents against pathogens that cause apple replant disease.
Our experience has been that even when you replant manually, if you don't train the planters well and closely inspect their work, you won't achieve high survival" because of damage to the seedlings.
Viridian worked to replant more than 300 indigenous species that grew in the area before it was deforested.
Up to one-third of California's almond and stone fruit acreage is infested with potentially debilitating plant parasitic nematodes, and even more of the land is affected by Prunus replant disease, a poorly understood soil-borne disease complex that suppresses early growth and cumulative yield in replanted almond and peach orchards.
Lift and divide clumps of chives with a fork, and replant in soil revitalised with organic matter.
David Terence Jones, of Pen yr Heol Las Farm, was convicted of failing to comply with an enforcement notice issued by Forestry Commission Wales to replant nearly 1.
In 2002 AMERICAN FORESTS presented ceremonial seedlings to several of the 13 original colonies, with a promise to replant the symbol of liberty in each of the original colonies when the seedlings had grown large enough.
The Indonesian government is planning to replant 400,000 hectares of smallholders' rubber plantations during 2005 to 2010 in efforts to become the world's largest rubber producer.
These states collect oyster shells and then replant them in existing reefs to make a suitable habitat where young oysters can settle after floating freely in the water during their larval stage.
Discard the woody centre and replant well-rooted pieces from the outer portions of the crown.
Growers who are forced by changes in consumer tastes and buying habits to plant new apple varieties in old orchards are vulnerable to fungi that cause replant disease.
As part of its recent $200,000 commitment to area tornado relief, PeoplesBank announced an $80,000 program to replant trees in five of the impacted communities.
Forestry Minister Michelle O Neill today announced grant support for woodland owners of recently planted ash trees affected by Chalara ash dieback to replant their woodland with alternative tree species.