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capable of being replaced

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Havalon is the brand most associated with starting the replaceable blade knife trend, and they don't disappoint with their new Forge.
Under the terms of the agreement, Boeing will support Line Replaceable Units for the 787 engines of the Oman Air Dreamliner fleet.
The monobloc and replaceable head style expands up to 1 percent of the diameter
After galvanization, the replaceable Holland AAR kingpin is precisely secured into the housing with a special nut and collet fastener, allowing the kingpin to remain removable and replaceable over the life of the trailer.
com)-- Curb King has introduced a replaceable plastic barrel side that can be retrofitted to any Curb King Mixer.
The sensors come with easily replaceable ORP cartridges that plug into a 316 stainless steel body, which incorporates the sensing element, a temperature module and a signal conditioner with cabling.
Created in the likeness of TraumaMan[R], the company's widely-used surgical simulator, this simulated five-year-old breathes, bleeds and has replaceable tissues for a first cut experience.
Constructed from 100-percent steel, G5's new replaceable blade, 100-grain T3 cuts an artery obliterating 1 1/2 inches when blades are deployed.
Made from easy-pulling Tech Flex Foam, and hand-painted for realism, it has three scoring vitals and a replaceable midsection (Delta Sports Products, LLC, 1-800-708-0673, www.
The nozzle heaters are easily replaceable and have integrated, replaceable thermocouples.
Products include Grip, pictured, a scrub brush that uses a natural, replaceable loofah to clean.
But Premier waste management company, which collects thousands of old toothbrushes every year from household bins in Darlington and is keen to reduce the amount of waste going into landfill, argues the case for greater use of non-electric toothbrushes with replaceable heads.
The series comes with replaceable foam ear pads and can be purchased with or without a microphone.
Features a serrated and replaceable body shear blade and a replaceable and adjustable ram shear blade
Entice cats with a rod and reel, mouse mitt or bobber with replaceable mouse lures.