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capable of being replaced

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The WorkForce Pro WF-R8590 and WF-8590 multifunction printers have received Summer 2015 Pick awards and Epson's Replaceable Ink Pack technology earned an Outstanding Achievement in Innovation award.
The replaceable 11" polyfusion core has four shootable sides with clearly visible heart, lungs, and liver.
Products include Grip, pictured, a scrub brush that uses a natural, replaceable loofah to clean.
But Premier waste management company, which collects thousands of old toothbrushes every year from household bins in Darlington and is keen to reduce the amount of waste going into landfill, argues the case for greater use of non-electric toothbrushes with replaceable heads.
The series comes with replaceable foam ear pads and can be purchased with or without a microphone.
Features a serrated and replaceable body shear blade and a replaceable and adjustable ram shear blade
Entice cats with a rod and reel, mouse mitt or bobber with replaceable mouse lures.
A new buttstock is coming that has a replaceable eyelet, so this problem will eventually disappear
They've switched to alloy steel drills with replaceable, coated carbide tips.
The recorder is 100% waterproof with a replaceable probe that can record ambient and remote temperatures.
Groove feed extruders, available in 2" to 6" (50 to 150 mm) 34:1 L/D sizes, include a wear resistant, unitized groove feed housing with a removable and replaceable groove feed bushing.
represents a possible threat to IBM, because huge and expensive computers may soon be replaceable by expandable systems of combined microcomputers.
Optional features include replaceable covers on the sleep surface, moisture barrier, and CAL 133.
Vikan have introduced a new foamed rubber replaceable blade for their increasingly popular squeegee.
Mr Strange - real name Steve Harrington - said: "Kylie said although you are hurt and very badly scarred at least the bracelet is replaceable.