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changing a particular word or phrase

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Text-based spam still appeals to automated scripts for word scrambling, rephrasing or (synonymic) substitution, while image spam usually deploys obfuscated content.
Their commitment to save the Super Mini - along with ideas for rephrasing investment to win greater commitment from the workforce - will be put to the N.
Successful after rephrasing -- The concept was ultimately translated appropriately after rephrasing the concept;
Replication of this study on a larger sample size with rephrasing the question on effect of PDA use on clinical decision making would be desirable to increase validity of the research.
In an attempt to backpedal from Dobson's extreme comments, FOF issued a statement rephrasing its position.
Rephrasing the complaint in the first paragraph, what Agora appears to have done is offer a special report to subscribers of their investment publications via e-mail (and make a lot of money on the offer, which evidently annoyed the bureaucrats).
He is drawing upon material from joke books, the internet and academic books and dismantling jokes, rephrasing them to try to discover the linguistic features which make them work.
The introductory material from the second volume has been extracted and placed at the head of this volume, with minor misprints corrected and a certain amount of rephrasing and updating.
Rephrasing allows you to change a general concern into a specific problem that can then be addressed.
So let's ask another question, and do so by rephrasing a certain advertising slogan: Where do you want to go tomorrow?
Boies ke pt rephrasing the question, apparently trying to trip Maritz, but Maritz was a patient and stubborn witness.
Once a speaker has finished, respond with a rephrasing of what he or she has just said to you.
The MTC should consider rephrasing the requirement contained in section 3.
He is fascinated with movement and interaction, and this manifests itself in his sentences as well, where we find him concerned with rephrasing and restating, changing the shape of things by changing his precise descriptions of them.
Active listening involves rephrasing and restating the employees' concerns back to them.