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Synonyms for repetitiousness

verboseness resulting from excessive repetitions

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The form Don Juan took, DeLynn says, "saved me from thinking I needed to present some grand epiphany and enabled me to deal with the repetitiousness of everything" (13).
James has also (in contrast to the other poets, for whom the elimination of "excessive" repetitiousness is an aesthetic watchword) in this case added "a measure or repetition and variation .
In the sound of a few leaves" has two basic effects: it repeats the phrasal structure of "in the sound of the wind" and thus initiates the increasingly rapid rhythm resulting from the very pointed syntactical repetitiousness (which itself is enhanced by the many repeated words) of the last nine lines.
Ellmann acknowledges existing critiques of Bowen's fiction that accuse the writer of committing the aesthetic crime of repetitiousness, but she counters such reductive assessments by consistently demonstrating, through meticulous close reading, that "what is remarkable is the infinite variety of stories that Bowen fashions out of the limited repertoire of her addictions, much as Beethoven elicits symphonies out of a single phrase, or the Freudian unconscious conjures up a world of dreams out of a few psychic scars" (9).
Although the density of the analysis and repetitiousness of some arguments will make this book accessible only to specialists and advanced students, The Family on Trial will loom large in discussions about the history of the revolution.
That is, if you can get through the laborious tangential passages and repetitiousness of the word "Tuskegee.
The author even calls attention to the repetitiousness by frequently using phrases such as: as I have noted before, as argued before, as mentioned in the previous chapter, as stated in chapter--, as argued in earlier chapters, as examined in the preceding chapter, and so on.
Its repetitiousness, allocation of questions, allocation of experiencer and agentive roles, and liberal substitutions, allow the story to portray a power imbalance that appears total, and a struggle whose stakes take on universal proportions.
Despite many laudable qualities, the value of the two volumes taken together, and each volume taken separately, is diminished by a certain repetitiousness.
Its shortcomings spring largely from repetitiousness, an excessive focus on divisions (five ways, five method, three types, etc.
With 85 000 linear metres of bookstacks, the archive is essentially a big, simple giant of a building, its facade of vertical strips of translucent glass evoking the hypnotic repetitiousness of an Andreas Gursky photograph.
But after the murky, mud-brained repetitiousness of the recent ``Freddy vs.
Even if we might agree with Jason Anderson that "[s]ome of the comedy is overly broad" (24) and, owing to the repetitiousness of all the idiotic media personalities, we might feel at times that the film is a little less than the sum of its parts, on reflection we might also recognize that Stardom is a film of great intelligence about contradiction and absence--possibly, even at the end.
Repetitiousness does not impoverish meaning, because the source of meaning is inexhaustible.