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Synonyms for repetitiousness

verboseness resulting from excessive repetitions

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Coover's novel focuses, rather, on how the adherence to the single ethics of what Morse calls the American Creed leads to a stifling historical repetitiousness.
The book will interest students who will find the tabloid-like content alluring and the Chinese legal issues relevant, although they may find the formulaic repetitiousness of the various case reports tedious.
Moreover, with the repetitiousness produced not only by the narrowness of Halm's ideas, but also by Rothfarb's examples and frequent recapitulations and summaries, a reader may question whether there is enough material for a book.
And I think the form of the book, with its repetitiousness, helps to convey that experience better than would a more conventional novel format.
The repetitiousness of the prose in "Melanctha" mirrors the patterns and forms that habits acquire as they develop over time, as they gather duration and move in a progressive direction.
A student, "shocked" by the sheer repetitiousness of stories of suffering, summarized them as "We had some food, then they took it away, then they took more away, and then we starved.
The doubleness of the drowning and the baptism, the acceptance and the rejection, is an appropriate denouement for a novel concerned (albeit surreptitiously) with representing the repetitiousness and the recognition of addiction.
That way, they could expand their fan base and none of us would get trapped in a box or be forced into repetitiousness.
A handful of Shakespearean scenes are mulled over in chapter after chapter, producing a repetitiousness interlarded with meditations on comic theory, modern jokes, and comic performance, many of them interesting but digressive.
When combined with the repetitiousness noted earlier, this leaves one feeling that a shorter and sharper book is submerged within its pages.
Overexposure and repetitiousness now produce more and more banalities.
the narrative of dismemberment and murder, overseen by the figure of the law, [which] marked the repetitiousness of white supremacist discipline that greeted the 'free' black subject in the 1860s, and it continued to reiterate his or her secondary social position throughout the twentieth century, including the present day.
Their subjects' bravery is impressive, their situation moving, but so few are willing to speak, and the cultures they come from so unwilling to accept them, that a certain repetitiousness soon settles in.
There is in places a repetitiousness about her text, which may be due--if we are to judge by the careless description of a section of Chapter 6 on a tale by Chekhov as a 'paper' (p.