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in a repellent manner


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In Shadows of the Sun particularly, Crosby seems repellently mad, narcissistically obsessed with, in equal measure, betting on race horses, having furtive sex, writing bad poetry, and preparing for what he confidently believes will be his literal, pagan postmortem resurrection.
Phillip Joll develops into a properly world-weary Wanderer, and Colin Judson makes much more of Mime than merely the loathsome little dwarf so repellently despised by the Siegfried he has raised.
For instance, he compares Secretary of State Seward to the satanic Robert Moses, enemy of the Iroquois, who repellently boasted, "I can take your house away from you and arrest you for trespassing if you try to go back to it.
Ian Richardson's performance as Francis Urquhart in House of Cards (1990) created one of British television's most repellently attractive villains, whose point of view audiences have been compelled to share.
When one person looks at an athlete--Lance Armstrong, for instance--and sees an idealized human form drawn in the hard-won efficiency of planes and angles, and another sees a repellently thin person, something internal to the viewer is revealed.
Repellently fascinating as they are, such mad modern tales face stiff competition in the historical annals of cleanliness.
The One Who Saw has now become the One Who is Seen and, even more tellingly, the one seen not as the acme of heroism or the standard of masculine beauty, but rather the one who is radically and even repellently other, both alien and alienating.
Unashamedly provocative, and often repellently violent, this fourth outing by maverick writer-director Nick Love ("The Business") recalls socially confrontational movies of the '70s like "Scum" that long ago disappeared from the U.
Altman's repellently loaded and inaccurate, homophobic prose in that announcement), HIV/AIDS would not have been forever labeled, with such disastrous results, as a gay disease.