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Synonyms for repellant

a compound with which fabrics are treated to repel water

a chemical substance that repels animals

the power to repel


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serving or tending to repel

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But the usage of DEET in repellants is under controversy as the fumes and vapors of coils, spray and vaporizer are causing several health complications like Breathing problems, cold, cough, eye irritation, asthma, sneezing, ear, nose and throat infection.
Johns Hopkins researchers revealed how mosquitoes and other insects taste DEET - a man-made compound that's been the most widely used insect repellent for more than 50 years - and smell citronellal, a commonly used botanical repellant.
Greensboro, NC-based Buzz Off Insect Shield LLC's Insect Repellant Apparel uses permethrin, a synthetic version of a repellent that occurs naturally in chrysanthemums, which is tightly bound into the garment, creating an invisible and odorless protective barrier around the wearer.
In search of a mosquito repellant, scientists there were studying synthetic versions of a protein normally found in the gut of larval mosquitoes, where it makes the larvae stop eating at the appropriate time.
The DEET itself won't damage the surface of the eye, but the solvents in the repellant can.
Toxic encephalopathy associated with use of insect repellant.
PIC([R]) has been recognized nationally for TWIST-IT([R])and Bugables([R]) Mosquito Repellant stickers and its dedication to safety and reliability.
Eisner says that he himself can't sniff anything repellant in the mayolenes, much to Berenbaum's relief.