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able or fit to be repeated or quoted

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Using infrared technology, the Elcometer 3045 provides a fully automated Persoz or Konig pendulum hardness test with no human intervention ensuring accurate, repeatable results.
Since its launch, the project has delivered 14 repeatable room arrangements; including Adult Acute single bedrooms, 4 multi-bed bays, consultation rooms and organic mental health bedrooms, as well as a series of standardised components and specifications.
Although focusing the business on repeatable work processes sounds like a basic strategy, its execution in a complex multi-variable business environment such as renovation is difficult.
These solutions enable organizations to form judgements about their IT security risks using an objective, easy to understand measurement standard based on a defendable, repeatable mathematical database and process.
Bench mounted instruments (IRHD dead load and micro and type A durometer scales) produce the most repeatable and reliable results.
Repeatable injection speed means a repeatable shear rate on the melt, without which it would be impossible to separate shear-thinning effects from batch-to-batch viscosity variations inherent in the material.
iConclude's managed automation technology self-heals systems and enables frontline operations and support teams to diagnose, repair, configure and maintain business-critical applications and infrastructure in a guided and repeatable way.
This repeatable and versatile one-step technology, coupled with standard semiconductor industry techniques, has also resulted in higher production yields.
This measurement method provides a much more repeatable measure of the current-voltage relationship.
ITIL is all about establishing repeatable, reliable, and standardized best practices for IT processes to save time and resources," said Denise Jackson, director of Professional Services at Opalis.
The DEIC515 has been designed with very low propagation delays (about half of standard drivers), repeatable threshold levels, fast switching and high drive current.
The advanced signal processing technology is integrated in a platform that automates device control, traffic capture and results display to deliver accurate, repeatable and fast results.