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The Republican-led Senate narrowly voted to repeal the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's regulation.
Meanwhile, there were a plethora of reactions on Twitter with some mocking the Republicans to move on with their lives since the bill that they are trying to repeal will never be done so, to some praising McCain's decision of casting a vote against it.
It was the Senate's consecutive second failure in 24 hours to repeal the 2010 Obamacare that has provided health insurance to about 20 million people.
But the narrow victory on a simple procedural matter raised questions about whether Republicans can muster the votes necessary to pass any of the repeal approaches the Senate will consider.
In 2015, the Senate actually improved a House-passed Obamacare repeal bill, the Restoring Americans' Healthcare Freedom Reconciliation Act, by getting rid of more of the 2010 law.
Allowing the Obamacare expansion to grow is not a repeal of Obamacare," Governor Walker continued.
Earlier this year, Cornyn made another similar - and unsuccessful - projection, when he told reporters he expected a repeal and replace bill to pass by the Easter recess.
Corker and three of the other senators said in statements about the amendment that they would like to see the Senate vote to repeal and replace the ACA at the same time.
Although the New Jersey estate tax was repealed, there are many who believe that its estate tax repeal will itself be reversed by the next administration.
Although it is disappointing that the RMA credential is no longer expressly acknowledged under Florida law, the repeal does nothing to change the status of RMAs in Florida or the scope of medical assistants' practice under the state's MA practice act.
Repeal, The Senate (Elections of members from the Federally Administered Tribal Areas) Order, 2015 is hereby repealed.
The governor said Wednesday he's waiting to see what House and Senate leaders do to close the gap that repeal would leave in the budget.
The EU's 2006 decision to repeal the exemption the liner industry enjoyed from competition rules has had little impact on shipping, a new study from the US Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) has found.
Repeal of the withholding requirement is high on the list of priorities in both houses of Congress and the Administration.
CONGRESS IS MOVING on a relatively fast track to repeal the onerous 1099 reporting requirements enacted in last year's health care reform legislation.