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the act of returning to the country of origin

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States shall seek to enable the access and/or repatriation of ceremonial objects and human remains in their possession through fair, transparent and effective mechanisms developed in conjunction with indigenous peoples concerned.
There is a lack of engagement with the robust repatriation literature available to museum studies and Indigenous studies scholars, including sources that document the ways repatriation is linked to cultural confidence and regeneration.
The meeting reviewed the repatriation process of TDPs and discussed the prevailing law and order situation in FATA particularly in Bajaur and Mohmand agency.
The repatriation fund, now at P150 million, was sourced from the 2013 contingent fund and will supplement the DFA's Assistance-To-Nationals (ATN) Fund.
The volume brings together Indigenous and non-Indigenous expertise from a variety of disciplines and sectors to reflect on repatriation developments over the previous quarter century, and the continuing issues faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in securing the return and (re)burial of their ancestors housed in museums in Australia and overseas.
The Malaysian News Agency stated that the repatriation move comes upon request from Minister of Foreign Affairs Hanifah Aman for repatriation of all Malaysian students and embassy staff from Syria because of the dangerous situation there.
Under the tripartite repatriation agreement, which will be finally signed in Darfur in October, the three parties ought to provide everything necessary for refugee repatriation.
Financial reporting rules allow firms to delay recognition of a repatriation tax expense in the period in which the earnings are generated, and firms that face reporting incentives to consistently report strong earnings numbers have an incentive to delay repatriation to avoid recognizing a repatriation tax expense in their financial statements.
To discuss the voluntary repatriation of refugees, Japan will host a meeting involving Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan early next year.
Repatriations will now be held at RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire, after they were moved to RAF Lyneham in April 2007, when Brize Norton was closed for runway repairs.
A MOVING ceremony at sunset marked the end of repatriations through Wootton Bassett as the Union flag on the town's high street was lowered for the last time.
Enacted in 1990, NAGPRA requires museums and federal agencies to inventory and identify American Indian human remains and cultural items in their collections, and to consult with culturally affiliated tribes, Alaska native villages and corporations, and native Hawaiian organizations regarding repatriation.
The UNHCR implementing statute allows the facilitation of voluntary repatriation when refugees can return in safety and with dignity.
NOWSHERA -- An Afghan refugee family waves while leaving the Voluntary Repatriation Centre at Azakhel for Afghanistan on Thursday.
Meanwhile, the UN refugee agency's voluntary repatriation programme for registered Afghan refugees will resume on Thursday, March 1, 2018, after the winter break.