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Antonyms for repatriate

a person who has returned to the country of origin or whose citizenship has been restored

Related Words

send someone back to his homeland against his will, as of refugees

admit back into the country

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If you assume the average expat repatriating BD500 a month, then you get over BD3 billion repatriated every year.
A blue-ribbon government-sponsored panel called Tuesday for global efforts to exert pressure on China to refrain from forcibly repatriating North Korean refugees and to strengthen measures to protect them.
taxes on their overseas earnings; see Gonzalez, "Q&A: Repatriating Foreign Earnings through the American Jobs Creation Act," July 2005, at http://corp.
Today museums across the country are inventorying and repatriating thousands of bones and funeral objects held in their collections.
In a related note, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld recently wrote to VFW Commander-in-Chief Ed Banas explaining the procedure for repatriating U.
Daim said the requirement for foreign investors to hold their capital for a year before repatriating it "has contributed significantly to the stability of the economy.
Upon [my] repatriating, my business judgment is much less valued and unless firms change, expatriates should expect the worst when coming home to avoid disappointment.
firms repatriating foreign earnings is unlikely, if passed, to support growth-oriented investment by U.