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Synonyms for repartee

Synonyms for repartee

a spirited, incisive reply

Words related to repartee

adroitness and cleverness in reply

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However, the mature men of this world know how to deal with these detractors given a choice between physical retribution or developing a degree of camaraderie repartee, thus returning any intended insult with interest.
RICK PARRY isn't famed in football circles for his wit and repartee but he brought the house down at last Thursday's Premier League meeting.
Leon and his smart suburban pals are bigger on talk than action--and much more concerned with following rules than breaking them--but the clever repartee and humor will amuse junior high students.
It is the cut and thrust of such "witty" repartee that spices up the Viewpoints columns.
Where Scott Waara's Vernon sometimes gets trapped in the breezy dismissiveness of book writer Neil Simon's repartee, Lewis encounters no such obstacles.
He is not a man known for his clever quips or elegant repartee.
A delightful repartee of romance, evasion, and motives within motives, St.
Looking at the three remaining candidates I see no experience, nobody able to crush Tony Blair and nobody with any form of repartee.
Whit Stillman, Jesurun gave us an indelible dream-time repartee, a multivoice Tourette's rap both estranging and hilarious.
Learning Torah or Talmud is not a passive activity, but that of argument and debate, sharpening the student's mind and his ability at repartee.
But in the case of the House Judiciary Committee Report on the Marriage Protection Act, the repartee recorded in the report is both instructive and encouraging.
The new ViewMail for GroupWise (VMG) application enables message management from the Novell GroupWise inbox and is available with Active Voice's Repartee UC (Unified Communications) for Windows 2000 product.
Newdow, a nonpracticing lawyer who works as an emergency-room doctor in Los Angeles, engaged the Justices in repartee more like dinner-table discussion than formal courtroom discourse.
What follows is a back-and-forth repartee between Yao and the Puerto Rican female clerk, in which she says "Yo
Secretary of state Margaret Beckett amused the assembled throng with repartee on the subject of import control, after being presented with a box of unidentifiable meat.