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a shop specializing in repairs and maintenance

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Pimp My Gadget is the popular mobile phone, tablet and gadget repair shop in Brisbane.
Almost every street in Al Satwa is home to a shoe, watch or electronic repair shop that has witnessed, over the past few years, the slow crumble of their 20-year business.
People don't realise it is a real repair shop - these youngsters do all the work themselves and they should be very proud of getting this award.
The revision to the 2006 Minnesota Statutes also states that representatives of an insurer should not limit the right of an insured or claimant to choose the shop or attempt to obtain a claimant's signature that allows the representative to select the repair shop on behalf of the insured.
Nissan is the first automaker in Japan to introduce a system that allows its sales staff to make repair shop reservations online from a mobile phone.
The lessee contracts with the repair shop for the repair services.
Consumer response to The Repair Shop at Radio Shack has been overwhelming.
Occupational and Environmental Lead Poisoning Associated with Battery Repair Shops -- Jamaica
Output her hour of all persons(1) in the automative repair shop industry(2) decreased at an average annual rate of 1.
58% of consumers bring their automobile to an independent auto repair shop post warranty rather than a dealership, while only 26% of consumers bring the car to a dealership for post warranty repair (the remaining answered either they do the work themselves or they did not know).
This new division will work exclusively with auto repair shop owners to help them increase their car count and build loyal customer relationships.
Brigadier Ali Abdullah Alwan, Chief of Ajman Police, told Gulf News that any auto repair shop caught repairing a vehicle involved in a traffic accident, even if it was a minor accident, without presenting a police report would face severe penalties.
We managed to hide the war from our 3- and 5-year-olds, telling white lies about the Spider-Man bike in a repair shop for a chain adjustment.
The following advice given by the BBB and NADA may help keep your car out of repair shop hell: