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Synonyms for repair





Synonyms for repair

to restore to proper condition or functioning

to look to when in need

to visit regularly

Synonyms for repair

a formal way of referring to the condition of something

Related Words

a frequently visited place

make amends for

move, travel, or proceed toward some place


set straight or right

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By expanding our fleet and opening the second location, we're able to better serve our customers by ensuring that we can get to them quickly, and that we've got the necessary resources available to complete an appliance install or repair job accurately.
The "repair or improvements" section of the proposed regulations can be divided into four key segments: (i) the operative rule, requiring the capitalization of costs incurred either to materially increase the value of a unit of property, or to restore a unit of property, (ii) standards for determining whether the value of a unit of property has been materially increased, (iii) standards for determining whether the unit of property has been restored, and (iv) an elective repair allowance method.
In 1998, voters rejected Proposition JJ, a 20-year, $20 parcel tax that would have generated $700 million for sidewalk repair.
The Army recognized this and over the past few years has reclassified many small arms repair parts with a Controlled Inventory Item Code of U (unclassified), which means these parts can be stocked and stored without the accountability and storage restrictions.
Santella and colleagues at Columbia University in New York recently tested this hypothesis by analyzing DNA repair capacity in pairs of sisters, one of whom had breast cancer and one of whom did not.
Now the provision: "27-129 (d) (2) Safe condition with a repair and maintenance program.
ESVs included some or all of the following integrated activities: disassembly, cleaning, inspection, repair, replacement, reassembly and testing.
Repair and maintenance requisitions can also be filled where the US government no longer manages repairs for a particular asset.
Consolidators, like Sterling Collision Repair Centers and ABRA Auto Body & Glass, comprise about 3% of about 53,000 shops nationwide.
A senior attorney with the Natural Resources Defense Council tried to sweep this issue under the rug by telling one reporter that repair costs would be minimal.
To generate revenues, it offers extensive complimentary customer services such as clothing alterations, dry cleaning, retail sales, luggage repair, monogramming and key making.
By displaying the way in which its DNA repair is hampered, this mutant strain of cress sheds light on how the repair process works in the wild-type plant.
There is a distinction in the tax code between deductible repair expenses and capital improvements.
Ceramic welding has been providing extended repair life and cost savings in channel furnace maintenance at Commercial Intertech Corp, Youngstown, OH.