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  • noun

Synonyms for rep

public estimation of someone

Synonyms for rep

informal abbreviation of 'representative'

a fabric with prominent rounded crosswise ribs


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You should be panting after only 4 or 5 of these super slow reps.
Tru-Squat or Safety-Squat, 10-12 reps (90 sec- 2 min.
It is still important, however, to track rep increases and add weight when the high end of the range is achieved.
In past articles, we have described the various rep ranges we use (e.
PreferredTime's pharmaceutical rep visit coordination service allows medical offices and pharmaceutical representatives to arrange meetings at times and in ways that both parties prefer.
The bottom line was a set of safe seats for all 32 sitting Democrats - scandal-plagued Rep.
until no further properly performed reps are attainable).
The study, therefore, evaluates the incongruence between specialty rep preference and perceived value.
Some would have Americans believe that there is nothing but bickering and gridlock in Washington," said Rep.
David Hernandez, a North Hollywood insurance adjuster who is challenging veteran Rep.
Until you decide exactly how to perform each rep, everything else is meaningless.
There's got to be a better way,'' said Janis Berman, wife of Rep.
Such monitoring of the equipment in its various stages of usage, will enable the sales rep to develop invaluable relationships with athletic directors and coaches.
The benefit to medical offices is significant, with offices saving hours of effort each day: "I used to spend two hours a day setting up rep visits via email and phone.
2009 Morocco 0, Czech Rep 0 Slovenia 0, Czech Rep 0 Slovakia 2, Czech Rep 2 UAE 0, Czech Rep 0 Azerbaijan 2, Czech Rep 2010 Scotland 1, Czech Rep 0 Turkey 2, Czech Rep 1 USA 2, Czech Rep 4 Liechtenstein 0, Czech Rep 2 Denmark 0, Czech Rep 0 2011 Croatia 4, Czech Rep 2 Spain 2, Czech Rep 1 Norway 3, Czech Rep 0