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Synonyms for reorientation

a fresh orientation

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the act of changing the direction in which something is oriented

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He said reorientation would ensure that members of the force knew their responsibilities and duties, to enable them to perform the function well like policemen in other countries.
Tender for a creative conception and design as well as planning and realization of the curatorial reorientation and cultural mediation of selected bauhaus buildings in dessau.
It can be recalled that the whole city's police force was relieved and underwent a retraining and reorientation program after alleged controversies in its police operations, including the death of the minors, sparked public outrage.
In 2015, the Naga Airport reorientation got an allocation of P670 million, and in 2016, P1 billion.
Caloocan City policemen finish their retraining and reorientation program on Monday, December 4, 2017, at Camp Bagong Diwa in Taguig City.
The level of attention and the resistance to psychic fatigue is not higher for the students enrolled in the Bachelor program than those in the Master and those in the professional reorientation programs.
Par ailleurs, le concours de reorientation dans les filieres de medecine, medecine dentaire et pharmacie a ete unifie et sera organise par l'Universite de Tunis-El Manar, les 21 et 22 mars.
Hardmor Properties Limited, building of detached garage and reorientation of turning area (Listed Building), Ward Place, Brow Lane, Holmfirth.
Again, a small, daily practice that serves to reorient his heart and shape his life, showing us that being counter-cultural consists in surprisingly small acts of reorientation.
The major demand is for more growth and more jobs, namely a reorientation of European construction.
Bank Sarasin analyst, Rainer Skierka, said that the figures reassured that the restructuring of the UBS and its strategic reorientation was on track, according to a Reuters report.
Le Conseil economique, social et environnemental (CESE) a plaide, dans un rapport sur la gouvernance des services publics presente jeudi a Rabat, pour une reorientation de la strategie e-gouvernement et une dematerialisation poussee des procedures par la creation d'une agence pour en assurer la supervision.
Armada is unfairly overlooked by investors, despite good financials, broad client base, and excellent prospects from reorientation to software development (supported by government).
It also highlights the reorientation of regional trade towards emerging markets.
With the addition of a 180-degree axis 6 reorientation to the movement, the speed improvement grows to 25 percent, 0.