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orient once again, after a disorientation


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You have multiple ways of doing that, one is already considered by Kuwait, irrespective of oil decline, which was the shift of public spending from general subsidies to more targeted spending that will serve those that need financial support, and that is a good way to reorientate public spending.
One can recall Ernest Bevin, sadly stating that with another million tonnes of coal he could reorientate Britain's foreign policy.
It is time to reorientate our politics towards securing the 'basic goods' that constitute living well.
Anastasiades referred to the conscious effort of his government to reorientate its foreign policy "to promote core European and transatlantic priorities" in the eastern Mediterranean and assume a pivotal role in regional peace, stability and security in this volatile region.
He explained that the key change needed is to reorientate the way we do investment-for example, bank lending and offering incentives for institutional investors to invest in manufacturing.
In order to utilise effectively the compass bearing, students needed to reorientate the position of the car in relation to the bearing (i.
The implications for performance management are firstly to reorientate performance targets so that they are locally set.
The expectation was that academic researchers would reorientate their focus towards applied research, while clinicians would help generate research ideas, collaborate in the research and change practice to reflect findings.
Lastly, the system requires a mechanism to either reorientate the device while in flight, or otherwise protect certain sensitive device components in the event of a fall, the report added.
We need to reorientate the use of land towards sustainable agricultural production," Marquez said, (http://www.
And she had virtually no time to reorientate herself yesterday afternoon as Vinci capitalised on two errors to level the match at one set all virtually straight away.
By discouraging purely speculative transactions, it can help "stabilise markets and reorientate the sector towards productive long-term investment" in the real economy.
The European Investment Bank already does this, and more national development banks could help to reorientate the financial system towards social need.
As we come out of recession and into recovery we have got to pay our way in the world and I want to reorientate the Foreign Office to be much more commercially-minded.