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Synonyms for reorient

orient once again, after a disorientation


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cause to turn

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set or arrange in a new or different determinate position

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Limiting its analysis to the Turkish formal economy, this volume aims to provide guidance to the Turkish government on implementing the European Union's acquis communautaire that requires Turkey to "increase workforce adaptability, to reorient social security instruments in order to promote reintegration into work, and to promote employment," to quote editors Pennings (Tilburg U.
SAN FRANCISCO: ReOrient, An Annual Festival of Short Plays
Additional sessions will reorient participants to the current technology used in corporate information gathering, analysis and decision-making, officials said.
One had to perpetually reorient one's body in order to ascertain which projection linked up (momentarily) with the spoken words on the sound track; screens went suddenly blank; narratives were interrupted and new ones begun midstream.
When we set out to reorient our campus and plan 20 years into the future, we dreamed, but we also knew there were realities that needed to be addressed.
It further reduces the velocity of water flow in the nip; thus it does not reorient the fibers.
We're not only seeing financing alternatives by way of capital increases, but there are also cases of companies that have a great opportunity to get out of minority investments and reorient their resources towards others that are more closely related to their principal business," says Javier Contreras, chief of finance at stock brokerage Santander Investment in Santiago.
John Hanson to reorient and reacquaint himself with SDDC doctrine.
Key statement: Forming the rubber material that can be rendered plastic and rendered non-plastic, which respectively permits and restricts reorientation of the reinforcement cords before the tire begins to cure to permit the one or more of the reinforcement cords to be free to reorient themselves, and curing the tire in a tire mold while the matrix material remains plastic so that the reinforcement cords remain free to reorient themselves while curing.
The task force found that if the United States is to provide strike options effective against future threats, it must reorient its nuclear arsenal away from "large, high-fallout weapons delivered primarily by ballistic missiles" toward smaller, more precise nuclear weapons that can be used for a variety of special missions.
Overall, the book can serve as a self-directing guide for both high-school students and teachers seeking to reorient themselves to the challenge of engaging in artistic activity.
As leader, Blair was determined to reorient Labour from its fixation on policy prescriptions to the first principles that would define the progressive project: opportunity, fairness, social justice, community, and responsibility.
However, the reports of the Spanish and Portuguese discoveries that circulated from 1493-1522 were probably of peripheral interest and did not significantly alter or reorient the relations of either Venice or the papacy with their respective allies and enemies.
Best Job/s: "I've been fortunate to have jobs that have given me the opportunity to: travel the world, work with talented financial people, reorient a business plan, take a company public and enhance a company's future through acquisitions.