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Synonyms for reorient

orient once again, after a disorientation


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cause to turn

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set or arrange in a new or different determinate position

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John Hanson to reorient and reacquaint himself with SDDC doctrine.
Key statement: Forming the rubber material that can be rendered plastic and rendered non-plastic, which respectively permits and restricts reorientation of the reinforcement cords before the tire begins to cure to permit the one or more of the reinforcement cords to be free to reorient themselves, and curing the tire in a tire mold while the matrix material remains plastic so that the reinforcement cords remain free to reorient themselves while curing.
The task force found that if the United States is to provide strike options effective against future threats, it must reorient its nuclear arsenal away from "large, high-fallout weapons delivered primarily by ballistic missiles" toward smaller, more precise nuclear weapons that can be used for a variety of special missions.
Best Job/s: "I've been fortunate to have jobs that have given me the opportunity to: travel the world, work with talented financial people, reorient a business plan, take a company public and enhance a company's future through acquisitions.
In other words, children have the symbolic power to steer us in the right direction and reorient our priorities, a power evident in Jo McGowan's story ("Close encounter of the papal kind," pages 40-41) of her determination to receive a blessing for Moy Moy, her disabled daughter, from Pope John Paul II during his trip to India.
All modesty and meticulous research aside, however, this case is also calculated to reorient what has often been the central question in black literary studies: namely, the proper relation between forms and "folks," hig h and vernacular voices within the African American text, and the status of the latter as arbiters of black expressive authenticity.
Southern Comfort finds its emotional core in two relationships that reorient our notions of gender identity: Eads's love for Lola Cola, a male-to-female transsexual with a Betty Boop naughtiness and an early Streisand wig, and the father-son bond that evolved between Eads and Maxwell, a leprechaunish female-to-male transsexual with a protective hold on Eads that teetered between devoted and dysfunctional.
JATDI evolved out of the requirement to convert to a paperless environment and more importantly out of a need to reorient infrastructure resources to direct support of the warfighter.
What I like and what I tell the players to do is that it's lights-out and it's a moment for them to reorient themselves, to refocus, to get back what the whole game plan is in that moment or two.
Now that student learning is becoming accepted as the critical criterion of performance, we have to help education reorient itself to measuring and improving this outcome.
It will take years for medical schools and training programs to reorient themselves to primary care-based delivery and a systems approach to care.
When trapped or suddenly restricted from natural movement, all creatures immediately do two things: struggle to break free and, if able, reorient themselves.
However, this realization can help practitioners reorient their thinking about profitability and make needed changes in their practices.
Public relations firms committed to building their business in the current fiscal environment must reorient their services to be more strategic, according to an in-depth qualitative survey of 39 public relations practitioners and management consultants to the public relations industry conducted by Carrington Associates.
NEW YORK -- Blue Spoon Consulting Group, LLC, today published a white paper that provides context for the pharmaceutical industry to reorient itself strategically.