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Synonyms for reorganize

Synonyms for reorganize

organize anew

organize anew, as after a setback

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Chapter 12 allows family farmers to sell portions of their farms to reorganize without capital gains taxes jeopardizing the reorganization.
He developed a plan to reorganize worldwide treasury operations from many fragmented banking relations into coordinated relations, principally using two U.
By filing the bankruptcy the owner can reorganize and retain the properties.
But unless a company doesn't reorganize very much, little useful information is likely to be obtained.
A political desire to break up what many consider a liberal court is the real motive behind congressional efforts to reorganize the California-based 9th U.
ASREIF's Board of Trustees has formally approved a Plan of Reorganization (the Plan) to reorganize ASREIF as an open-end fund.
A third Los Angeles County ballot measure to reorganize top management in the Sheriff's Department was also passing by a wide margin.