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Synonyms for renting

the act of paying for the use of something (as an apartment or house or car)

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Additionally, home ownership in a desired neighborhood may be much more expensive than renting in the same neighborhood.
Scholars using these models argue that owners opt for renting out their land when the transaction costs of supervising, paying and getting labourers to honour their contract becomes too high, and tenancy becomes a more profitable arrangement.
Additionally, the "Automobile Renting and Leasing" heading is most frequently used during the months of May through August (1).
The nine member board voted for a proposed 4 percent hike in one-year leases and 6 percent for two-year leases, along with a low rent supplement of $15 for those units renting for less than $500.
Although the Razavis might have received more rent by renting their unit on a daily or weekly basis, Sec.
Enterprise) and Enterprise Rent-A-Car Company of San Francisco (Enterprise San Francisco) were involved in renting a 2002 Ford Econoline E-350 15-passenger van to Hany Gerges, who was acting on behalf of St.
There is also a low rent supplement of $15 for apartments renting for $500 or less and a minimum rent of $215, equivalent to the welfare shelter allowance for one person.
For instance, when renting space in a shopping center, a lessee should consider negotiating for a covenant not to compete restricting the lessor from renting to the lessee's competitors.
The Pledge To Parents program uses the popular-with-parents movie and video game content ratings (voluntary entertainment industry systems) to prevent minors from renting or buying videos deemed inappropriate by their parents.
Since the median income for apartments renting for less than $450 is $15,000, Michael McKee of the New York State Tenants & Neighbors Coalition called the proposed $15 low-rent supplement a "poor tax.