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someone whose income is from property rents or bond interest and other investments

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The place of execution of the works is: 77 rue du chateau des rentiers, 75013 paris.
Today more and more rentiers have entered these sectors and are imposing an entire additional layer of cost on end users.
George This rentier class is shamefully unrepresentative of the country when only 2% of Britons lease out homes.
The rentier economy provides few jobs in modern productive activity; the high end is controlled by extended family-clan members and foreign financial corporations via ex-pat experts; technical and low-end employment is taken up by contract foreign labor, at income levels and working conditions below what the skilled local labor force is willing to accept.
The despotic monarchy in France, meanwhile, learned that while it could clip coins and sell offices and tides to rentiers, it could not match the English in raising low coupon debt.
English oil firms and began a relationship that continues to this day--the Saudis act as rentiers of a reservoir that holds a quarter of the world's oil; they control production so that the price of oil does not rise to Europe-U.
That peasants made financial calculations and even became rentiers when possible does not mean that this era marked the first stirrings of capitalism.
Unlike their peers in big business, the professions, and entertainment, these rentiers do not work for a living.