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Synonyms for renter

someone who pays rent to use land or a building or a car that is owned by someone else

an owner of property who receives payment for its use by another person

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They comprise the largest portion of renters in the country and 60% of them don't carry renter's insurance.
This state of affairs raises serious questions about the ability of renters to make ends meet, which could have substantial repercussions for the renter population, including falling behind on monthly bills, using risky forms of credit and missing rent payments.
County residents cheered the renter for his actions.
Calling security deposit complaints from renters a nationwide problem, Renter Nation COO Steve Crawford cited surveys recently conducted by Tenants Together, California's statewide renters' rights group.
Tenants, especially first-time renters, need to realize that going without renter's insurance is a big risk, as rental units are burglarized 50 percent more often than owner-occupied properties.
Twenty-five percent of renters use security systems compared to 44 percent of homeowners
comLike many would-be renters, Nihaar Gupta quickly became frustrated looking for an apartment on Craigs-list last year.
Rochon, 24, opened her business back in 2000 because she was disappointed over the fact that cottage owners could not easily rent out their unused cottages over the summer because of a lack of communication and co-ordination between cottage property owners, cottage advertisers and vacation renters.
Much of the Harvard report addresses renters generally, not just apartment renters.
com)-- Renter Nation, the country's only website by, for and about America's more than 100 million residential renters, announced today that they are “strongly critical” of the upcoming Spike TV series entitled World's Worst Tenants.
Most of the brokers who've signed on so far work in Manhattan, and a few work in Brooklyn, a breakdown that matches the site's renter demographics, Desai said.
The TenantMarket service succeeds because it works faster for both renter and landlord.
Because she was a renter rather than a property owner, some of her options were limited in her fight to keep her business.
Census Bureau figures highlight continued growth in renter market; Travelers reminds consumers of the importance of renters insurance
According to an April 2013 report from the Census Bureau, the renter share of all households in the U.