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Robinsons Malls is the first mall to offer rent-free spaces to front-line government agencies such as SSS through its Lingkod Pinoy Center," Dooc said.
New tenants and their brokers have been able to negotiate concessions that were previously dismissed or largely unheard of in the Dubai market, such as rent-free periods.
Corpuz said Pampanga was the first to reply to a request made by the PCSO to local governments to provide rent-free offices as the agency began cost-cutting measures in 2014.
Lease agreements with a rent-free period or a reduced rent period are required to have the rent expense to a tenant or rental income to a landlord be recognized on a straight-line basis over the lease term based on the I total rental payments.
They could also likely cut on perks that would allow rent-free living in the Asian campuses that Google plans to build in Seoul, South Korea and in Telangana, Hyderabad, India.
When they can food banks operate rent-free from church halls and community centres, but many have no option but to rely on council premises.
THE UK's election watchdog is writing to Ukip asking for "clarification" about the rent-free office at the centre of a row over Nigel Farage's use of Brussels' allowances.
NIGEL Farage could face an expenses probe after receiving around PS60,000 of European Union cash to pay for an office he uses rent-free.
Our selection of the best of your messages to our Twitter and Facebook sites on Sisu rejecting rent-free deal at the Ricoh Arena They want the Arena for nothing.
If you are like us, you are wondering how Lindsay was paying her legal fees, because last we checked she was broke, living in a friend's NYC penthouse rent-free, and needed hand-outs from Charlie Sheen to pay her taxes.
New retailers can apply for rent-free retail space to market test their enterprise.
Leading managed workspace provider, Servcorp, has announced the launch of a Ramadan offering where new clients can get a rent-free promotion on its serviced and virtual offices in any of its UAE locations.
BUDDING businesses are being given the chance to shine - by winning rent-free market stalls.
How about a rent-free period when you sign up for a one-year lease?
Gareth Turner, of Turner Bros, shares the company''s Ruthin headquarters with a number of SMEs and is offering a month rent-free to newcomers.