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How can Enterprise Rent-A-Car knowingly rent Ford 15-passenger vans to its customers without giving them any warnings whatsoever about how easily these vans can roll over under ordinary and expected driving conditions?
Enterprise Rent-A-Car was also motivated by greed because it was in a superior position to warn its customers about the dangers of Ford's Econoline E-350 van, but failed to do so, placing its business relationship with Ford above public safety.
Babich, "Ford Motor Company and Enterprise Rent-A-Car Company have traded on the lives of innocent people even though they are both in a superior position to protect consumers by warning them of the high propensity of Ford's 15-passenger vans to rollover.
Defendant Enterprise Rent-A-Car Company of San Francisco dba as Enterprise Rent-A-Car is a Nevada corporation and has its corporate headquarters in San Leandro, CA.