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  • verb

Synonyms for rend

Synonyms for rend

to separate or pull apart by force

Synonyms for rend

tear or be torn violently


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The incident caused panic among residents in town as gunshots rent the air.
If shouts of " Espanaaa" rent the air at one end," Indiaaa.
first trial run between Thirumangalam and Anna Nagar Tower on Saturday morning, chants and prayers rent the air.
Throughout the day, the wailing of ambulances rent the air dampening the morale of the tired and exhausted pilgrims.
What a tornado of cheering rent the air at the end of this Scottish Cup sem ifinal tie at Tynecastle.
United Color was very much the underdog in the race but as he hit the front at the 300m marker and made for home under James Doyle, with Russian Soul, Rafeej, Balmont Mast and Kavanagh in hot pursuit, a deafening roar rent the air.
As the earthen pot boiled over facing the Sun God, chants of Pongalo Pongal rent the air.
Strong voices rent the air for an effective anti-corruption mechanism; the Comptroller and Auditor General ignited the people by exposing corruption in government activities; the watch-dog entities raised hue and cry against the move to shield the political parties from the RTI provisions and public despair over the "parrot" status of the CBI has been deep and widespread.
When yesterday the Delhi District Court finally delivered the death sentence on the gruesome gang rape of a nursing student on a bus in New Delhi a cheer went up in the courtroom and cries of "hang them" rent the air outside the court and across the nation.
Slogans like 'Pakistan Murdabad' and 'Sarabjit Amar Rahe' (Long live Sarabjit) rent the air as his body was placed in the school ground to enable people to pay their respects.
Made wretched by the wracking sobs that rent the air, I'd have been impoverished by the rounds of drink my sad pals bought to deaden their sorrows.
As he was presented in court yesterday, cries of "hang him", "hang him" rent the air.
Loud roars of "Parat ya parat ya Balasaheb parat ya (Come back, come back, Balasaheb come back), Kon ala re, kon ala Shiv Senecha wagh ala (Who has come, who has come, Shiv Sena's tiger has come)" and "Balasaheb amar rahe" (long live Balasaheb) rent the air as an emotional Uddhav, the youngest son of the departed leader and Sena's executive president, lit the pyre.
A piercing scream rent the air as Andy came round to find himself, not in the lower divisions, but back in his armchair by the fire, drenched in sweat.