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a person who goes from house to house collecting rents for the owner

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She says a rent collector told her the liquid was just water, but doctors confirmed her burns were caused by a chemical substance.
Along the way she tells the story of three citizens, including an apartment dweller who lived in fear of the rent collector and a sevenyear-old girl killed in one of the city's many fires.
Across the road was our rent collector, further down was a police house (police often lived in subsidised housing within the community - that kept us kids in line).
Also at the exhibit are inscribed slates discovered at Strata Florida Abbey in mid-Wales, one with the faint medieval scribblings of a poem in Welsh and the other marked with notes made by a 15th Century rent collector while taking payments from the tenants of the abbey There is also a holy water bottle, known as an ampulla, which is decorated with imagery connected to the martyrdom of Thomas Becket.
As the order carries a big stick in the worldly environs of Istanbul, the Sheikh gives his new rent collector all the tools he'll need to do his job in an efficient and unobtrusive manner -- a mobile telephone, a different suit of clothes for every day of the week, a car and a driver, a member of the order, naturally.
There was a time that if tenants didn't behave themselves or keep their homes or gardens clean - they used to be inspected by the rent collector - they were out back to the slums - and no messing
As a young boy, he tagged along with his father, overseeing properties in various neighborhoods in Queens and learned how to switch hats from superintendent, rent collector to manager as the situation warranted.
On the surface, "The Prisoner" is the story of Milo Krantz, a rent collector for a slumlord who stands accused of providing the gun used to slaughter a mother and her children.
Akin's involvement with "Takva," about a devout Muslim living in Istanbul who finds his faith devastatingly tested when he takes on a job as a rent collector for his local imam, was crucial to the film getting made.
But we both knew what really mattered--for one more week, we didn't have to fear the rent collector.
Building a shopping mall would have made me a mere rent collector, an effortless job," Siaulys says.
A RENT collector who says he is too stressed to work is secretly earning a fortune filming weddings.
The television rent collector was shot in a staunch Protestant area of north Belfast as he walked home from a dance.
Zinn's mother, a Siberian refugee, entered an arranged marriage, lost her firstborn to meningitis, and kept the family barely fed and constantly moving from tenement to tenement, often one step ahead of the rent collector.
All became absorbed in their roles, especially those who played the parts of the rent collector and the money lender.