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The people of the Westerns wrought then a mound over the sea: it was high and broad, easy to behold by the sailors over the waves, and during ten days they built up the beacon of the war- renowned, the mightiest of fires.
He had not yet spoken, and something consolatory and instructive was expected from so renowned a chief on an occasion of such interest.
In the midst of the awful stillness with which such a burst of feeling, coming as it did, from the two most renowned warriors of that region, was received, Tamenund lifted his voice to disperse the multitude.
Yonder was Arthur, King of Britain; yonder was Guenever; yes, and whole tribes of little provincial kings and kinglets; and in the tented camp yonder, renowned knights from many lands; and likewise the selectest body known to chivalry, the Knights of the Table Round, the most illustrious in Christendom; and biggest fact of all, the very sun of their shining system was yonder couching his lance, the focal point of forty thousand adoring eyes; and all by myself, here was I laying for him.
uf; the buoyant spirits and bold bearing of De Bracy; the sagacity, martial experience, and renowned valour of Brian de Bois-Guilbert, were important to the success of their conspiracy; and, while cursing in secret their unnecessary and unmeaning absence, neither John nor his adviser dared to proceed without them.
Thou art ever my better angel, Waldemar,'' said the Prince; ``and when I have such a chancellor to advise withal, the reign of John will be renowned in our annals.
Less than two hundred years ago, on one of the public baths in this city, there appeared an inscription in honour of its mighty founder, the renowned Prince Bladud.
A great many centuries since, there flourished, in great state, the famous and renowned Lud Hudibras, king of Britain.
A round table as large as King Arthur's stood in the center of the room; while the waiters were getting ready to serve our dinner on it we all went out to see the renowned clock on the front of the municipal buildings.
ISLAMABAD -- In collaboration with Labrador Retriever Club of Pakistan, Nestle recently launched one of its world's renowned pet food brands, Nestle Purina.
Film Start Syed Noor, Film Star Sahira Kazmi, Renowned writer I.
Islamabad -- Renowned Pakistani mountaineer Hassan Sadpara (53) passed away owing to blood cancer in Rawalpindi on Monday.
The renowned brands of New Zealand such as Comvita, Manuka Health and Good Health that domestic consumers are familiar with are also included and over 100 kinds of quality products will successively come online.
KARBALA/ Aswat al-Iraq: Ayatollah Mohammed Taqi al-Mudarisi called Shiite renowned clergymen to be "out of solitude" and lead the country, which suffered for the last ten years.
The ministry of youth affairs and sports has liberalised and rationalised procedures for import of weapons and ammunition and resale of used weapons by renowned shooters," it said in a statement on Friday.