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a skilled worker who is employed to restore or refinish buildings or antique furniture

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Certified Renovators must attend a Certified Renovator Refresher every 5 years.
If a renovator doesn't take the 4-hour refresher course before the expiration of their current certification, they'll need to retake the 8-hour initial course to be certified again.
With the exception of Rita's father, Charles, these characters populate Burry's operatic treatment of what happened to Baby Kintyre, with the addition of the modern-day renovator Bob, and his wife, Jill, and speaking parts for Wiens and Nicol.
Thankfully, there are plenty of enthusiastic property renovators who take great pride in restoring period properties to their former glory and strive to put back in features that are close to what would have been originally there.
Renovator 304+, Intensive Restore and Liss, Supreme, Carrefour chose the circular 50m1 glass jar with its specific cover in the shiny silver metallized version.
Instead, a certified renovator must collect a paint chip sample and send it to a recognized lab to obtain an analysis of any possible lead-based paint.
5 May 2011 - Rating agency CARE said yesterday it had rated the long and short-term bank facilities of Indian power plants renovator Turbomachinery Engineering Inds Ltd at A- and PR2+, respectively.
We've recently discovered Colour Renovator from Dylon to revive our favourite black outfits.
Best products for oxidation are AutoGlym's Super Resin Polish or Paint Renovator.
While some see in him a most important literary figure and a renovator of the French language, others flatly deny him any artistic talent and see his books, not as works of art, but as the piercing shrieks of a madman.
VX) to raise a fund from private investors to acquire part of HBOS's stakes in firms such as Keepmoat, the renovator of social housing, and Ainscough, Britain's largest crane hire operator.
Ann Daniels, a 37-year-old ex-banker and single mum of triplets from Devon; Porn Oliver, a 50-year-old building renovator from Sussex; and Caroline Hamilton, a 35-year-old film financier from London are all supported by HRH The Prince of Wales' patronage.