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an act (spoken or written) declaring that something is surrendered or disowned

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77) [1990] 1 SCR 1075, 70 DLR (4th) 385 [Sparrow cited to SCR], See ibid at 1103 (for the retrenchment of Crown sovereignty [as never questioned]); ibid at 1106 (for the suggestion that section 35 calls for renouncement of old rules).
The Abe government's renouncement of Japan's long-standing "defense-oriented policy" enshrined in its postwar Constitution will only increase the concerns of its Asian neighbors about its intentions.
It is a difficult and courageous act; a 'weakening' of the thought, a loss and a renouncement of our clinical perspectives and interpretations that aim to open toward the client's narrative as this presents itself-from-itself (Heidegger, 1921).
But Ike also remembers his renouncement of Carothers's "wrong and shame" as an act that he carried out "for his son" who, readers now learn, never is conceived (Moses 259).
Erdoy-an and the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) have wound up developing a political style based on a renouncement of this whole "Turkey belongs to the Turks" regime instead of moving to break up the military, justice system and civil authorities that have worked, like a shield, so hard to protect that principle.
And while there are plenty of other architects out there espousing a minimalist aesthetic, and a few drawing from a similar, refined-functionalist vein, what makes Selldorf stand out is an elegance despite her vigorous renouncement of the rhetoric of elegance.
The resignation of Ali Larayedh and the renouncement of Ennahdha, he said , [beaucoup moins que] is founded on the care to put Tunisia's interest above any other consideration, to serve democracy and to put the country on the way of elections [beaucoup plus grand que].
Denial, suppression of female individuality, renouncement, turn into the key tones in which even female writers refer to their kin,
Legal rights of citizenship, therefore, hinged upon demonstration and performance of civility and, until the Citizenship Act of 1924, citizenship was granted through adoption of white social norms (dress, language, employment, habitation, religious practice) alongside a renouncement of Aboriginal culture (46).
being patient or understanding), the allocation of time and energy to individual activities and the renouncement of certain activities or goals (e.
I was moved by the chapter titled "The Father's Heart" filled with an important discussion on prayer, model prayers of confession, renouncement, repentance, for pastors and leaders, and for unity within the church.
Despite its renouncement of war, Aquino said the Philippines should be prepared for any military engagement, and therefore plans to grant its allies the United States and Japan greater access to Philippine military facilities in the future.
Sources in the Obama administration said a Taliban "office" to be opened in the Qatari capital of Doha was the first step toward the ultimate US-Afghan goal of a full Taliban renouncement of links with al Qaida.
Senior Obama administration officials, who did not want to be named, described the Taliban's move to open the office as a stepping stone to full Taliban renouncement of al Qaida.
Sources in the Obama administration yesterday said a Taliban office, to be opened in the Qatari capital of Doha, was the first step toward the ultimate US-Afghan goal of a full Taliban renouncement of links with al Qaida.