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make normal or cause to conform to a norm or standard

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Tax reform is a necessary but insufficient condition for the development of democracy in Pakistan and a first step towards renormalizing civilian-military relations.
Our findings demonstrate that acai can increase mitochondrial complex I activity under rotenone-induced mitochondrial dysfunction and also recover 100% or more of the complex I activity, compared to the negative control, renormalizing mitochondrial function.
A large portion of young people using e-cigarettes also are smoking tobacco cigarettes, a cross-sectional study from Hawaii showed, raising concerns that the rise in the popularity of "vaping" may be renormalizing cigarette smoking.
The long-run trade balance equation is then obtained by renormalizing the obtained cointegration vector, by dividing it by [[lambda].
smoking an e-cigarette) and exposure to second-hand vapour are, whether the popularity of e-cigarettes and their marketing by the major tobacco companies will contribute to renormalizing cigarette smoking, whether e-cigarettes are effective in helping people quit, and whether the use of e-cigarettes is associated (perhaps as a gateway) with higher rates of cigarette smoking onset and addiction in youth.
Thus, without renormalizing their relations on a new and solid basis, all the parallel efforts aimed at ending the dispute over the Sahara are pointless.
2k] by adding the fixed point k + 1 and renormalizing the remaining symbols.