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make normal or cause to conform to a norm or standard

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The Roberts Court majority and plurality opinions have not only renormalized campaign finance regulation law by aligning their doctrinal conclusions with the rest of First Amendment law, but they have also deployed the standard of review and tests that this body of law has elsewhere employed.
Eichler, "Assessing the strength of directed influences among neural signals using renormalized partial directed coherence," Journal of Neuroscience Methods, vol.
Based on this observation, we believe that the micro-to-macroscopic destruction of rock samples without joint fissure in the laboratory should be developed for 3D, so the threshold probability of destruction under 3D renormalized condition of destruction is computed respectively from Eq.
The compressible form of the renormalized group (RNG) k - [epsilon] model was chosen for its simplicity, relative low computational cost, and also because it has been shown to have a large range of applicability.
The turbulence model is solved by Renormalized group (RNG) model, for the properties of the fluid, water characteristics at 20 [degrees] C of defined fluids in the software was chosen that the density of water is 1000 kg per cubic meter and its viscosity is 0.
data were then adjusted to the combined SORCE and renormalized RMIB data
The method of resin application was renormalized by the equipment substitution, which also generated input savings.
86) Thus, the models either literally force a linear price through the origin as in Figure 4A, or rescale the axis-axis so that is true in renormalized "quantity space.
In this case, one can decide whether a given improper expansion can be renormalized into a finite or an ultimately periodic expansion, in the sense that, if during the renormalisation process one gets a [beta]-fractional part of the length greater than L[cross product], then, the improper expansion corresponds to a real number that does not belong to Fin([beta]).
In cultured brain slices subjected to oxygen and glucose deprivation, ATP levels renormalized within ~10 min after resumption of glucose and oxygen [39].
The renormalized cross sections were used in the NBS (now NIST) databases [28, 29, 13] up until 1986 when the reviews by Saloman and Hubbell [30, 31] indicated that, on the whole, agreement with experiment is better if the renormalization is not done.
Thus far, no country has emerged from the application of these new and unconventional techniques and renormalized its policy operations.