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make normal or cause to conform to a norm or standard

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8 cm) FACs, with a result (using renormalized photoelectricabsorption cross sections) for L = 19 cm estimated to be 1.
should be renormalized and tempered in its entirety, or as an alternative, the heated portion could be removed from the component for re-normalizing and tempering and then replaced into the component.
If the payoffs to buyers and sellers were to be renormalized by dividing by the standard deviation of the common shock--an innocuous transformation given risk neutrality--those payoffs would be as follows:
The variances of the feature components will also be renormalized according to
Thus, for Schur-Weyl measures, the calculations of linear functionals of the fluctuations involve hypergeometric identities; whereas for Gelfand measures, the problem resides mainly in the proof of the joint convergence of the renormalized character values, and one has to go beyond the setting of asymptotic factorization described in [S06], see Lemma 4.
That success largely reflects the effective design of those programs, as most were structured to provide credit under terms that would be less and less appealing as markets renormalized.
Therefore, we renormalized the ratio to 100 in 1995.
The renormalized nodes are connected if there is at least one link between the un-renormalized boxes.
Posit Science researcher Korie Michalak presented research indicating that the age-related decline in motor control can be renormalized to that of younger adults or beyond through intensive brain plasticity-based training.
Since all three models were developed on beneficiaries from other States, risk scores were renormalized to the mean of the study population for ease of interpretation.
Topics include the Littlewood conjecture in fields of power series, series and polynomials representations for weighted Rogers-Ramanujan partitions and products modulo 6, limiting processes with dependent increments for measures on symmetric groups of permutations, the ramification of a shift by two, the dynamics associated with certain digital sequences, a new approach to probabalistic number theory through compactification and integration, low discrepancy sequences generated by dynamical systems, renormalized Rauzy functions, approximations for the Goldbach and twin prime problem and gaps between consecutive primes, eigenfunctions for substitution tiling systems, and a review of the highlights of the "marriage" of probability and number theory.
The top 25 keywords are taken as the keywords for the target Web site and their weights are renormalized for the purpose of key sentence extraction.
The percentages were renormalized to sum to 100 percent accordingly.
Chen (1995) compared the numerical results of five different models and recommended that the renormalized group (RNG) k-[epsilon] model be used for predicting indoor airflows.
This procedure yields estimates that are renormalized to standard deviation traits of each explanatory variable and are contained in the columns labelled "model 3" of Table 6.