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make normal or cause to conform to a norm or standard

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This means that one might be able to readjust our exercise in a couple of years and renormalize it to the newly found "optimal compression rates" as coders discover how to exploit yet-unknown structures in the most diverse streams of data.
Had we been more forceful in our action to renormalize policy then, it's likely we might have suffered far less in 2008 through 2010.
Combined with various tools to shrink the balance sheet, the payment of interest on reserves will allow the Federal Reserve to eventually renormalize monetary policy.
After the two countries fought again in 1979, it took until 1991 to renormalize diplomatic relations.
While the newly amplified auditory inputs provided by HAs may enhance functional neuroplasticity [8], abnormal synaptic connections will not instantly renormalize.
This is consistent with prospect theory-based research, which suggests that people tend to renormalize gains quickly and losses slowly.
Thus, they bear the greatest share of responsibility for Syria's present condition, and the choice to launch a process meant to renormalize Syria's relations with the world rests primarily in their hands.
We then renormalize all other states so that the sum is equal to the national total.
The nurse commends parents for their current intensified illness management efforts and raises the possibility of developing strategies to renormalize family life once Lily's diabetes is in better control.
Tushnet's claim is "that legal elites would like to renormalize the anomalous decision in Bush v.
Then it is certainly the case that none of the cells (situations) labeled with sneeze = false apply at present; so, in determining the posterior probability that cold = true given sneeze = true, we only sum cells labeled with cold = true and sneeze = true and renormalize (divide by the sum of all cells labeled with sneeze = true regardless of their cold label).
we renormalize for gains much more quickly than we do for losses.
Even when environments or handicaps create stress for children, relationships with others can protect them from severe damage; children can use a supportive environment to renormalize their development.
We use this modification in calculating the quarks self-energy for the perturbation interaction with the gluons, then we renormalize the interaction and search for the condition [a.
And at the height of the escalation of the desert war, Morocco and Algeria vowed to renormalize their bilateral relations.