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an enzyme that occurs in gastric juice

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Its critical importance in the production of cheeses combined with the current high demand for cheeses has resulted in a worldwide shortage of rennin.
the rennin angiotensin aldosterone system (RAAS), plays a crucial role in the production of the aldosterone hormone, which is chiefly associated with water-electrolyte balance.
Influence of genetic polymorphisms of the rennin angiotensin system on IgA ne-phropathy.
Dates are also known to be high in carbs (giving you energy), vitamins B and D, calcium, phosphorous, iron (to combat anemia) and rennin (which aids the flexibility of blood vessels).
The dietary change was also shown to cause the kidneys to release more of a protein called rennin and its hormone aldosterone, which is linked with high blood pressure.
Space constraints limited the amount of information we are able to share at this time The early winter issue of the Colorado Nurse will include a more comprehensive article about Dr Rennin If you were one of those who life and career were influenced by Dr Rennin.
Blood samples were collected to measure plasma rennin activity (PRA) in further analysis.
61) Following these studies, we showed that porcine cathepsin D, bovine rennin (later called chymosin) and acid peptidases from insectivorous plants and several fungi were also inhibited by DAN, EPNP and pepstatin, indicating a wider range of distribution of these peptidases, (62-68) and identified the DAN-reactive Asp residue in bovine chymosin.
Arterial blood gas analysis, 24 hours urinary potassium excretion, rennin aldosterone level estimation were considered in this patient to delineate the cause of hypokalemia but the facilities were not available at our hospital.
RENNET: An extract from the membranes of calves' stomachs that contains rennin, an enzyme that aids in coagulating milk or separating curds from whey.
The literature suggests that the use of ibuprofen at high doses in sports can have several deleterious effects such as decrease in prostaglandins (PGEs) synthesis in the gastrointestinal tract, changes in renal function, peripheral edema, hypertension, and inhibition of renal excretion of water and sodium and hyperkalemia, which results from the reduced release of rennin mediated by PGEs [27].
The hypothyroid population is characterized by significant volume changes, initiating a volume dependant low plasma rennin activity as mechanism of blood pressure elevation.
The hypertensive state of both the SH and SHHF rats has been linked to genetic anomalies in the rennin angiotensin system (Leckie 2001) and the [beta]-adrenergic system (Remmers et al.
The pancreatic juice contains enzymes for digesting proteins (trypsin), carbohydrates (amylopsin), lipids (steapsin), and rennin for coagulating milk.