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a proteolytic enzyme secreted by the kidneys

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ACE, renin, food oxidation inhibitory peptides and protein hydrolysates have been identified in seaweed.
Compared with individuals of adequate Vitamin D status, the Vitamin D-deficient and Vitamin D-insufficient individuals had higher plasma angiotensin II levels and renin activity.
Main mechanisms Main mechanisms by which vitamin D insufficiency can lead to heart failure and other cardiovascular diseases are; Hyperactivity of renin angiotensin aldosterone system, endothelial dysfunction and calcium flux changes leading to reduced cardiac contractility.
The concentration of sodium in the tubular lumen is monitored by the macula densa cells, and its reduction can trigger communication between the macula densa and juxtaglomerular cells, resulting in renin release.
In primary hyperaldosteronism with elevated aldosterone levels, there is a corresponding decrease in plasma renin activity demonstrating renin-aldosterone dissociation (Javadi et al.
Influence of Age on Expressions of PRR, ACE, ACE2, and Ang II and Serum Levels of Ang II and Renin.
Screening for primary aldosteronism entails getting a morning blood sample to measure plasma aldosterone and plasma renin activity after having the patient sit for 10 minutes.
Their novel monoclonal antibody clone 4B5-E3 is highly specific and does not cross react with renin.
Rather, they have increases relative to AngII stimulation, the surrogate measure of which is plasma renin activity (PRA).
Numerous compounds which inhibit renin, ACE, and the angiotensin II receptor have been used in the treatment of high blood pressure for the last 30 years.
People often have high blood pressure with hypokalaemia and a low renin and low aldosterone blood level.
The medication aliskiren, a renin inhibitor designed to help lower blood pressure may help slow the progression of coronary disease and reduce the risk of death, heart attack and stroke by about 50 percent, according to a Cleveland Clinic study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.
RASTANURA: ARAB NEWSThe 17th Federation Cup Invitational doubles badminton tournament organized by Badminton Federation in collaboration with Rastanura Badminton Group Aramco successfully ended last Friday with the team of Fahad Khalid and Renin Wilson winning the men's Premier Flight title at Najma & Radhwa indoor courts in Aramco Rastanura.
As a renin inhibitor, aliskiren partially blocks renin from triggering the RS process and is approved to treat hypertension to optimal guidelines of 140/90 mmHg, or the high end of the prehypertensive range.
Reporting in the online edition of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, a team led by Dr Arul Veerappan at Weill Cornell Medical College explained that during an immune response, mast cells release the enzyme - called renin - which in turn produces angiotensin, a potent constrictor of the smooth muscle that lines airways.